Life-Enhancing Programs For The Children & Youth


Club de Niños y Niñas de B.C.S. provides young boys and girls with the tools, resources and support to achieve their greatest potential.


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Reflecting on 2023, Boys and Girls Club BCS achieved remarkable growth and impact. Club La Playa expanded to engage with 40 children, contributing to a collective enrollment of 330 young people across diverse programs with the Vista Hermosa site.

Our partnership with Casa Hogar DIF welcomed 15 girls weekly with tailored programs for their enrichment as well as our partnership with Liga MAC allowed us to reach 42 young people thru the “Agents of Change” program adding another dimension to our impact.

Significant strides were made adding programs for our youth. Fundraising efforts successfully yielded US 220,000, surpassing previous years (2021 84,000, 2022 150,000). Active participation in the National Congress of Boys and Girls Club of America, securing a grant from Boys and Girls Club of Skagit County as well as an increseaded grant with Los Cabos Children Foundation underscored our commitment to professional development and strategic partnerships.

Looking ahead to 2024, our vision includes strengthening our programs, we currently carry a total of 35 diverse programs and establishing a third club in Cabo San Lucas therefore allowing us to attract more young people after school to their Club.

We are grateful for your continued support, we are excited about creating an even more impactful future for  the Boys and Girls Club of BCS.


Renato Mendonca

Our Mission

The mission of the Boys & Girls Club of BCS, is to provide our children and youth with a safe, supportive, fun and enriching environment that inspires and empowers them to achieve their greatest potential.

Vision of Change

To help children, adolescents and youth of Baja California Sur, acquire knowledge and implement skills that allow them to face the challenges of each stage of their lives effectively, recognizing themselves as agents of change in a society that allows them to exercise their Human Rights; guaranteeing and promoting safe spaces and ensuring their Integral, continuous and permanent Human Development.


Who We Are

Boys and Girls Club of Baja California Sur (formerly Gente Joven por un Cambio) is a project unlike any other. The union of these two foundations has provided the children and youth of BCS with the opportunity to learn and socialize in healthy and protected spaces. The programs are geared towards free time after school, during which the risk of incurring unproductive or criminal behavior rises.




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