Our Staff

Rubie Galindo, Operations Director

Rubie was born in Mexico City and moved to Los Cabos in 2019 after graduating from her Bachelor Degree in Business Management from Brigham Young University in Idaho. She has enriched her education with different certificates in Administration and Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Hospitality, Science applied in Nutrition (Stanford University), and Child Development and Family Relationship. Rubie is also prepared as a Self-reliance and Employment Specialist.

Yessica Guillen, Programs Director

Yessica was born in Mexico City and moved to Los Cabos in 2016. She has a Bachelor Degree in Special Education in the Intellectual Area. Yessica has 10 years of experience, 5 of them in front of group as a tenured teacher in SEP, and the rest in the private sector in one-to-one evaluation, diagnosis, and therapy. She has also worked as a Coordinator in the Therapy Area and has been a speaker of different courses for parents and teachers, related to sexuality and disability, grief, and language development.