Our Programs

Our innovative and proven programs are designed to teach and empower young people so they can excel in school, develop character and leadership skills, positively affect their communities and lead healthy and happy lives.

The programs offered by the Boys and Girls Club of Baja California Sur are taught by coaches and volunteers. In addition to the programs you see outlined below, these coaches and volunteers also help children improve their social skills, encourage collaboration as a team, offer school advice, teach and guide children and youth through social change projects and much more. Human development is at the core of everything we do.


Healthy GJC

A weekly nutritional class is held in the GJC clubhouse and it’s here that the youth learn about the importance of eating healthy and staying active.

Organic Garden

In early 2017, we constructed our Instructional Garden where the youth are able to plant and harvest organic fruits and vegetables.

Human Development

Agents of Change

Our core program, Agents of Change, is lead by volunteer coaches who guide the youth into the development of a social change project. The youth form teams and collaborate on a social issue that they would like to address. Once they choose a topic, they identify a root cause. Next, they take a look at the effects this issue has on their community. From this exercise they begin to formulate a clear action plan to bring about change.  Social change projects to date have focused on anti-bullying, care and compassion for the elderly and teen pregnancy.

Youth Biz

Youth Biz (Young Americans Center for Financial Education) is a unique and successful program designed to teach the youth about Entrepreneurship and how to turn their dream and passion into a successful business.

Education (After School)

Reading, computing, writing and academic counseling are all under development as we transition to the expanded programs of the Boys and Girls Clubs of BCS.




Academic Counseling


New programs are currently under development for dance, music, painting and crafts.







The Friendship Race is held annually and inspires healthy competition among the youth. Medals are awarded to different age groups ranging from 10-18 years old. 


A soccer field is under development and a Boys and Girls Club of BCS soccer team will soon be a reality.