Our Programs

2020 brought so many changes and challenges that were all but impossible to foresee. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our Club redesigned its programs, rapidly transitioning from face-to-face to online activities. Thanks to these efforts, we have been able to stay connected to our children and youth between the ages 6-18, through our 5 pillars:


Members will learn about the importance of a balanced diet and its relationship to their healthy physical and mental development and their relationship to their healthy physical and mental development and will implement skills that enable them to maintain healthy eating habits that help them to prevent diseases.


Members have and implement artistic skills that allow them to understand themselves and their world, allowing for creative and healthy expression their emotions and thoughts.

Drawing Classes

Local artist, Joaquin Pineda, is the talented teacher behind our new, currently online, drawing workshop. An excellent opportunity that has taught our beneficiaries to learn drawing from scratch: lines, strokes, figures, and techniques. Their progress has been incredible!

Art Workshops

Laura Rodriguez, creative Coach, has agreed to become a Club ambassador! She started in 2020 offering our children a monthly online art workshop, where they have the opportunity to get creative and portray their hopes and dreams.

Performing Arts

Comming soon!

Click on the button below to enjoy the beautiful artwork our members have created in their Drawing and Art workshops!


Members implement academic skills that impact their overall learning and school achievement and implement them, enabling them to effectively complete each stage of their school life.


This successful program, developed by iWRITE Literacy Organization in Houston, TX, is focused on strengthening creativity, confidence and self-esteem through writing.

“i” The Guy is the main cartoon character found inside iWRITE’s writing journal curriculum, and all our beneficiaries have loved him as a mentor.

English Classes

In 2020, we started offering our children, youth and their parents a 4 month online English course titled: Conversational Basics.

This program aspires to give them the confidence to speak in English, a much needed skill in our community.


We were so excited to welcome the initiative of one of our members who decided to volunteer as a math tutor for his peers. 

He started offering a weekly session to solve any doubts other members had in this subject. 


Members implement effective life skills to deal assertively with challenges and difficulties; they are able to make decisions to fully develop their potential as human beings and recognize themselves as leaders and citizens committed to their community and society.

Agents of Change

Lead by volunteer coaches, this program guides our youth into the development of a social change project. They form teams and collaborate on a social issue in their community that they would like to address.

Social change projects to date have focused on anti-bullying, care and compassion for the elderly, teen pregnancy and violence against women.

This year our Agents of Change are working online to help animals in a street situation. Click here to take a look at the Facebook page they created to raise awareness.


The members practice and identify sports as a discipline that strengthens their body and mind and implements skills for a healthy interaction with their social environment.

Box with Double T

We are pleased to share with you that the FECOMBOX National Champion and Boxing Coach, Octavio Torres joins us with a new program where our members will learn discipline, respect, values, effective communication, self-defense and physical conditioning, reaffirming our Sports Pillar.

Functional Exercises

Infinite Fit, through Beatriz Higuera, will teach members and their families how to perform a complete exercise routine to stay healthy, thus reaffirming our Sports Pillar.


Dance helps us to express ourselves, free ourselves, activate ourselves and creates discipline.Lupita Fung , Volunteer and Coach helps us to strengthen our Sports Pillar in each session, where our members develop their creativity and motivational skills enjoying a fun dance session with the great energy of this coach.