About Us

Boys and Girls Club of BCS (formerly Gente Joven Por Un Cambio) has a vision that one day, each young person will have the capacity, initiative and confidence to engage and transform their communities

Target Population

Girls, Boys and Adolescents between 6 and 18 years of age who are exposed to different risk factors in the Mexican Republic.

Public Problem

A large proportion of girls, boys and adolescents are exposed to different risk factors that limit their integral development and the effective exercise of their rights in Baja California Sur.

Boys and Girls Club of Baja California Sur (formerly Gente Joven por un Cambio) is a project unlike any other. The union of these two foundations has provided the youth of BCS with the opportunity to learn and socialize in healthy and protected spaces.

The programs are geared towards free time after school, during which the risk of incurring unproductive or criminal behavior rises.

Our extracurricular activities are complementary to current educational programs, helping children and young people achieve success in school, explore vocational opportunities, stay healthy and acquire important skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

Sports and artistic activities are encouraged, as well as managing conflicts in a positive way.

All of this helps the children build their self confidence and self esteem.

Our Mission

To provide our young people with a safe, supportive, fun and enriching environment that inspires them and enables them to reach their full potential.

Our Goals

Provide children with a safe space and a healthy environment where fun and constructive activities can be carried out to help them:

  • Realize their interests
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Define their goals and provide motivation to achieve them
  • Become agents of change for their community

Our Story

How We Got Started

The story of Gente Joven for un Cambio began with the Ash Family. They discovered the beauty of Mexico and Baja California Sur on a list to the area more then 20 years ago. Their passion was to help the local youth with more education. Onagh drew on her experience on the board of Silicon Valley “Girls For a Change”. We knew that los of the local children in the Los Cabos community were not provided the opportunity for education and training that would help them to live alive of opportunity and success. Determined to change this she started Gente Joven for un Cambio (GJC ) as legal Mexican AC in 2012.

Where We Are Now

In 2020 we became the first Boys and Girls Club of BCS. We wanted to be able to expand the programs and outreach for the youth of Los Cabos with this national organization Boys and Girls Club of Mexico an of America. Our programs continue. We currently are located in Vista Hermosa and in La Playa with plans to grow multiple locations with suitable partners. The after school programs reach children from the ages of 6 to 18. BGC of BCS is the 12th Mexico location under BGC of Mexico.

Social Impact

Increase achievement and reduce school dropout rates.

Enact positive social change.

Reduction of vandalism in young people.

Reduction of addiction in young people.

Training community leaders.

Training of athletes and artists.

Alumni Hall of Fame

Below are just a few of the many alumni who were influenced by their hometown Boys & Girls Club.

Denzel Washington

Usher Raymond IV

Magic Johnson

Michael Jordan

Jennifer Lopez

Bill Clinton